#2 Case Report of JPark Public Adjusters (PA Jae Park)

Type of policy: Rental Dwelling Policy.

Insurance Carrier:

City: Santa Paula, CA.

Description of loss: Detached rental unit at rear of the property sustained fire loss.

Insurance Adjustment Summary:

  • Initial settlement prior to Jae Park & Associates, Inc., involvement at $7,550.34 (Before deductible).
  • Total insurance settlement after JPark Public Adjusters (PA Jae Park), involvement of adjustment of claim $28,836.12(Before deductible). Differences in settlement amount of $21,285.78.

In order to make readers understand the work of a PA (Public Insurance Adjuster), which may be an unfamiliar insurance related field to you, I’d like to show you an example of a recently handled case.

In the middle of January 2012, a fire caused by a short circuit broke out in the bedroom of a rental house located near Santa Paula, Ventura County. Fortunately, the fire didn’t spread any further and the fire was put out after only damaging the bedroom.

Immediately after the fire, the building contractor assigned by the insurance company inspected the fire site and the insurance company compensated for the damage. The total compensation amount was $6,000, excluding a $1,000 deductible, for the following repairs.

1) Repair the walls and replace the windows inside the bedroom damaged by the fire.

2) Painting job for inside the house.

From the perspective of the homeowner, the above compensation from the insurance company was not considered enough to recover the original state of the house. Therefore, the owner made objections to the insurance company many times over several months. Every time the owner requested additional compensation, the insurance company notified the owner that additional compensation was not possible. Realizing the need for professional help, the homeowner hired a PA (Public Insurance Adjuster)

After being notified that the PA has been assigned to the above case, the insurance company sent three building contractors to the site to make estimates in favor of the insurance company to put the pressure on the PA and homeowner. As a result, no additional repairs were found necessary.

This PA also conducted a detailed field survey and found out the following damage required additional repairs.

1) Replacement of all the floor tiles, including the living room floor tiles is necessary because of discoloration on the bedroom floor tiles caused by the fire.

2) The kitchen cabinets need to be replaced because of discoloration of the surface caused by the fire.

3) The exterior wall of the bedroom damaged by the fire needs to be repaired.

4) Loss of rental income for 3 months.

5) Fees for city permits related to house repairs.

The PA identified the above problems and strongly requested additional compensation from the insurance company. After going through a number of adjustments with the insurance company, the insurance company agreed to pay the final additional compensation of $23,500. With this, the additional necessary repairs could be finished with the homeowner’s mind at ease.

The insurance company, which had denied the homeowner’s requests and complaints, had to negotiate with the PA because of the compensation related expertise and adjustment power granted by the State to the PA (Public Insurance Adjuster)


Photos after the loss: